• 20.2x3.8mm Lithium Button Cell CR2032 3V Battery For Thermometer
20.2x3.8mm Lithium Button Cell CR2032 3V Battery For Thermometer

20.2x3.8mm Lithium Button Cell CR2032 3V Battery For Thermometer

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Brand Name: UCHI
Certification: SGS.ISO.

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Minimum Order Quantity: 4000pcs
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Bulk
Delivery Time: 10 workdays
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 500000pcs
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Detail Information

Model Number: CR2032 Application: Toys, Home Appliances, Consumer Electronics, Calculator Watch Toy Laptop
Warranty: 3years Shape: Button, Cylindrical
Type: Lithium Manganese Battery Battery Size: 20.2*3.8mm
High Light:

3V Lithium Button Cell


CR2032 Lithium Button Cell


Button Lithium Manganese Battery

Product Description

3V Li-MnO2 button cell Lithium Battery Type CR2032 3V Lithium Button Coin Cell Battery For Watch


Specification sheet




Product 3V Li-MnO2 button cell
Model CR2032




Manufacturer UCHI Origin Dongguan
Design by ZJY Check by Jack Chen
Design date 2019-06-04 Version V2.0





S/N Document Page NO.
1 Product name and applicable range P3
2 Dimensions P3
3 Nominal specification and characteristics P3
4 Performance test P4
5 Safety test P5
6 Discharge characteristic P6
7 Material description and MSDS P7


Environmental management and safety reports

9 Packaging specification P8
10 Battery holder P9
11 Battery with pins P9
12 Safety practices and cautions P9
13 Handling instruction for emergency P10
14 Others P10


1. Product name and applicable range

This specification is applicable to the following product: 3V Li-MnO2 button cell CR2032.

The applicable range of CR2032 are mainly used in: RTC clock circuit, Led products and etc.

2. Dimensions




20.0 (-0.2)

height(mm) 3.2(-0.3)
weight(g) 3.0±0.1


20.2x3.8mm Lithium Button Cell CR2032 3V Battery For Thermometer 0


3. Nominal specification and Characteristics


Item technicalparameters Conditions
Nominal voltage 3.0 V apply to all CR batteries


Nominal capacity



Continuous discharge with lo ad 15kΩ, till 2.0v end-voltag e at 20~25℃
Instantaneous short–circ uit current ≥250mA Time≤0.5′
open-circuitvoltage ≥3.20V No load test
Storage temperature 0~35C apply to all CR batteries
Operate temperature -20-60C apply to all CR batteries
Self-discharge rate ≤5% / year annual mean


Test life

Fresh cell ≥230hrs load 3kΩ, till 2.0v end-voltag e at 20~25℃ , humidity≤75%
12 Month. ≥220hrs


Comments 1:the product standard on electrical chemistry system and dimension is set accordin g to IEC6008-1:2007(i .e .GB/T8897 .1-2008 Primary cell, Chapter 1, Profile) ..






4. Performance test


Item Test method Standard



1. dimension

With vernier caliper(tolerance≤0.02 ㎜) test, paste on the surface of the caliper contact insulation materials, don’t short circuit.


Diameter (㎜):20.0 (-0.2) height (㎜):3.2 (-0.3)

2. open-circuit voltage With multimeter or voltmeter




3. Short-circuit


With multimeter or amperemeter, ,test time not more than 0.5 second, must avoid repeating test, test interval shall be more than 0.5 hours.





4. appearance


visual inspection

Clean, clear and correct mark, no rusting, no leakage


5. Test capacity

at 20~25C, humidity≤75%,with load 3kΩ ,till 2.0v end-voltage


≥230 hrs


6. vibration test

vibration 1 hours on a vibration mac hine,with frequency is 100 to 150 ti mes/min


stable performance

7. high temperat ure test


Store 30days at 45±2C


No leakage

8. overdischarge


Continuously discharge with 1K load for 5 hours while the voltage get to 2.0V


No leakage

Comments 2: The dimension and performance standard is set according to IEC 60086-2:2007 (i .e GB/T8897 .2-2008, Primary cell, Chapter 2: Dimension and technical requirement)




5. safety test


Experimental project


Project name


Test condition



The test of the the A

Altitude simulati


battery under the condition of pressure is less than 11.6 kPa at least 6 hours. According to the (i .




expected use B heat Shock Battery under the change condition from – 40 to +75 C for 12 hours,and repeated 10 cycles According to IE/GB/T 8897.4-20 08, Primar y cell, Cha pter 4: Saf ety require ment on lit hium cell)







Test the battery in accordance with the re quirements of standard sine wave of vibrat

ion.In three perpendicular fixed bearing for 12 cycles each azimuth, the cycle time of each bearing a total of 3 hours.





Tested the battery in three perpendicular fi

xed position of each azimuth through three times, a total of 18 times.




















The expe cted error use test








short circuit

When the battery in 55 C environment an d reaching the temperature balance.The tot al resistance should be less than 0.1 / Ω for short circuit to the shell temperature dr opped to 55 C for at least another short circuit after 1 hour.Continue to observe 6 hours.



strike Put a 9.1 ㎏ weight object free fall to stri ke the battery on a steel rod (diameter 1 5.8mm) from 610 + 25 ㎜ altitude







Make pressure on the battery, with the initi al speed until 1.5 ㎝ / SEC,and power to 13 kn,then release pressure immediately






forced discharg


Connect the battery with 12 v DC power s upply series,make the battery orced discha rged after the discharge current reached th e maximum



abnormally cha rge Connect the battery with a DC power sup ply with the cells reversed, withstand 3C(r egulated by manufacturer) charging current





The battery from 1m and drop to concrete surface,continue 6 times, placed observati

on in an hour.



hightemperatur e

put the battery in oven, control the temper

ature rose to 130 C at a speed of 5 C / min, and heat preservation 10 mins.



improper install ation A reverse connection with three battery.Cir cuit resistance is less than 0.1 Ω .





discharge a battery with 50% depth and in series connection with three qualifie d batteries.




Comments 3 :The safety performance standard is set according to IEC 60086-4:2007(i .e GB/ T8897 .4-2008, Primary cell, Chapter 4: Safety requirement on lithium cell)






6. Discharge characteristic

20.2x3.8mm Lithium Button Cell CR2032 3V Battery For Thermometer 1





7. Material description and MSDS








Manganese Dioxide Powder
Colloid Graphite Powder
Cathode Lithium slice
  Ethylene Glycol Dimethyl Ether






Propylene Carbonate
Lithium Perchloride
Rind Stainless steel shell
others Fiberglass Septum,Acetylene Black

Attchment 1 :LIDEV CR batteries MSDS




8. Environmental management and safety reports




This product comply with the EU RoHS directive and international/national related la ws and regulations, has passed RoHS testing from SGS,and also pass CE and UL safety test.

Attchment 2 :CR batteries ROHS test report .

Attchment 3 : CE and UL certification .


9. Packaging specification





3V Li-MnO2 but ton cell





1. packing diagram

20.2x3.8mm Lithium Button Cell CR2032 3V Battery For Thermometer 2

20.2x3.8mm Lithium Button Cell CR2032 3V Battery For Thermometer 3



20.2x3.8mm Lithium Button Cell CR2032 3V Battery For Thermometer 4


20.2x3.8mm Lithium Button Cell CR2032 3V Battery For Thermometer 5

20.2x3.8mm Lithium Button Cell CR2032 3V Battery For Thermometer 6





20.2x3.8mm Lithium Button Cell CR2032 3V Battery For Thermometer 7






20.2x3.8mm Lithium Button Cell CR2032 3V Battery For Thermometer 8


2.packing SOP:


1)20PCS batteries in a tray.

2)400PCS in a hyaline PE bag.

3).10 bags(4000pcs) in a carton.

4).20.2x3.8mm Lithium Button Cell CR2032 3V Battery For Thermometer 9Packing the carton and delivery to clients.

3.carton packing details.

Unit weight:3g /PC Quantity :4000PCS


Size: 34.5*28.5*21.0 cm ;;


G.W.: 14.8 KG/Ctn



10. Battery holder


Please download the . specification of battery holder on our






11. Battery with pins

We supply the battery with tin-plated solder pins ,we can produce kinds of pins acc

ording to your design,please download the drawing of tagged battery with pins on o

ur website: http://www.uchidg.com

12. Cautions

1),Read the instructions on your device before installing batteries. Only use the size and type of battery specified in the instructions.

2),Keep the contact point or surface clean .Check the contact point or surface to pr event the short circuit of the battery

3),Insert the batteries properly. Follow the symbols showing the correct way to posi tion the positive (+) and negative (-) ends of the batteries.

4),Don’t mix old and new batteries, or mix different types or makes of batteries. 5),Don’t heat,charge,crush, puncture, or otherwise damage batteries, This can result in leakage or rupture.

6),Don’t dispose of batteries in a fire — they may leak or rupture

7),Don’t dispose of batteries in water.

8),Don’t stack batteries.

9),Don’t disassemble the battery.

10),Keep in a dry and cool place. Storage at place with high temperature( over +6 0’C )or low temperature( under -20’C) or place with humidity over 75% will lead to the capacity loss , derated electric performance and also safety problem.

11),Keep away from the strong acid, alkali, oxide, and other corrosive materials. 12),Keep batteries out of reach of children.


13),Pay attention to the expire date of the battery.

14),Do not dispose of used battery in natural environment ,like river ,lake, sea and land .Do not bury the used in battery the soil .

13. Handling instruction for emergency

1),If short circuit, disconnect the wire or other conductor with the battery

2),If installed battery with wrong direction, take out battery and follow the symbols s howing the correct way to position the positive (+) and negative (-) ends of the batt eries.

3),If your skin get contact with the electrolyte, wash with water immediately.

4),If bare batteries stacked (especially with very large quantity), which may generat e heat, or even explosion, please separate them immediately.

5),If swallowed, contact a physician immediately.

6),If fire or explosion happened, cover them with sand or soil to put out the fire . Dry powder fire extinguisher can be used to put out the fire. Do not use water . 7),Avoid inhaling the irritative gas, which generated by the fire or explosion of batte

ry .Clothes, towel or cotton material can be used to prevent inhaling, wet clothes or towel will be better. If inhaled the irritative gas ,please contact a physician.

14. Others

With product technology updates, the specification will be updated, please visit our w ebsite for the latest information, or contact with us to get the latest version of the s


CR2032 spec sheet.pdf

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