Water-cooled plate radiators should save energy

August 30, 2022

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The liquid cooling plate is a very common radiator in life. How should the liquid cooling plate save energy? Next, let me introduce it to you!


Water-cooled plate radiators should save energy


1. Reduce the heat loss of the radiator


In the process of use, try to reduce the frequency of opening and closing doors and windows or opening the windows for ventilation, do not hang exposed clothes on the radiator, and do not install a heating cover to ensure 100% of the heat dissipation of the radiator.


2. Adjust to low temperature in season


When the user goes out for a long time, the radiator temperature control valve can be adjusted to a low temperature condition, which can effectively maintain the indoor temperature and humidity, and more importantly, can greatly save energy and reduce waste.


3. Adjust the room to a low temperature after going to work


It is necessary for home users who charge by the heat meter to use the thermostatic valve correctly. For office workers, the home is empty after work, thinking that turning on the heating is a complete waste, generally closing the valve, and then turning it on after get off work. , so as not to go home at night, the temperature is too low, affecting comfort.


4. The temperature should not be too high after rest


After resting at night, the room temperature should not be too high. Generally, it is advisable to keep it at 16°C to 18°C, so that people feel more comfortable. As for the rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms that live for a long time, the temperature should be set to about 8 °C, and the heating system and the upper and lower water systems of the room should be protected from freezing.


5. Turn up the temperature first


For home users who are heating for the first time, because the indoor walls, floors and ceilings are wet and the temperature is low, they need to be heated for a period of time before drying and storing heat. Home users who are heating for the first time can first open the valve to heating, increase the temperature, and adjust the valve to a suitable temperature after the indoor temperature is stable.


The above is the energy-saving analysis of the water-cooled plate radiator during heating. If there is more you want to know, please come to consult!