NTC Temperature Sensor

January 4, 2023

Latest company news about NTC Temperature Sensor

Temperature sensor is the earliest developed and most widely used sensor. The market share of temperature sensors has greatly exceeded that of other sensors. From the beginning of the 17th century, people began to use temperature for measurement. Supported by semiconductor technology, semiconductor thermocouple sensors, PN junction temperature sensors and integrated temperature sensors have been developed in this century. Accordingly, acoustic temperature sensors, infrared sensors and microwave sensors have been developed according to the interaction law of wave and matter.
Temperature sensor is one of the most commonly used sensors among various kinds of sensors. Modern temperature sensors are very small in shape, which makes them widely used in various fields of production practice and provides countless conveniences and functions for people's life.
There are four main types of temperature sensors: thermocouple, thermistor, resistance temperature detector (RTD) and IC temperature sensor. IC temperature sensor includes analog output and digital output.

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