Multi piece designs cold plates

December 7, 2022

Latest company news about Multi piece designs cold plates

Multi piece designs cold plates

Vaccum brazed cold plates, dip brazed cold plates, FSW (Friction Stir Welded) cold plates.These cold plates are generally used for high-performance designs that require low thermal resistance, and superior leak-free reliability. They enable designers the greatest flexibility in specifying such criteria as thermal resistance, thermal flow, pressure drop, fluid path, size, shape, material hardness, surface geometry and the ability to mount components on both sides of the plateCold plates that are constructed of two or more layers have the advantage of adding enhancing features directly into the flow path. These features can add surface area and turbulence into the liquid flow to enhance thermal performance.

The internal features can be created by machining flow guides and fins from the base metal or by introducing high-performance corrugated aluminium-fin. This would be brazed into the liquid cavity below the mounting surface, which is also made of aluminium. The internal fins create turbulence in the coolant to minimize the fluid boundary layer and reduce thermal resistance. The multiple layers can be joined by vacuum brazing, dip brazing or even FSW (Friction Stir welding)

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