Liquid Cold Plates

December 6, 2022

Latest company news about Liquid Cold Plates

The rising heat loads of high power electronics and the drive towards more compact packaging has changed the mind-set of designers. Liquid cooling is no longer regarded as a risk but rather a necessity. When compared with more traditional air cooled solutions, Liquid cold plates offer significant performance advantages particularly in high power and high heat flux applications.

Uchi are the go to experts in liquid cooling and offer a comprehensive range of cold plate technologies such as, Serpentine (tube in plate) designs, gun drilled, and multi piece designs that can have enhanced surface areas included in the liquid path. Uchi can select the joining method of a multi-piece design to suit the design and volume required. Uchi can also offer FSW (Friction Stir Welded) cold plates, Vacuum Brazed and Dip Brazed.

Each manufacturing technique has advantages depending on the liquid cold plate design, the manufacturing volume required, the choice of cooling liquid, pressure drop requirements and the financial budget of the customer.

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