How to choose the number of water channels of the water cooling plate

August 30, 2022

Latest company news about How to choose the number of water channels of the water cooling plate

Many people do not know how to choose a liquid cooling plate when purchasing. So, are more waterways the better? Let's find out together!


latest company news about How to choose the number of water channels of the water cooling plate  0


In fact, there are heat sinks inside many electronic products, especially fast-moving electronic devices, such as computer mainframes. There are many types of heat sinks, and different types of heat sinks have different characteristics. The liquid cooling plate is one of many heat sinks. This heat sink has a water inlet and a water outlet, and there are many water channels inside the heat sink. And because the liquid cooling plate has many water channels, it can give full play to the advantages of liquid cooling plate and take away more heat, which is the principle of the liquid cooling plate. Regardless of the type of heat sink, its purpose is to reduce heat inside the device.


A heat pipe is a heat transfer element with extremely high thermal conductivity. It transfers heat through the evaporation and condensation of liquid in a fully enclosed vacuum tube. It uses fluid principles such as capillary suction to achieve a cooling effect similar to that of a refrigerator compressor. It has a series of advantages such as extremely high thermal conductivity, good isothermal, heat transfer area on both sides of cold and hot can be changed arbitrarily, long-distance heat transfer, temperature control and a series of advantages, and the heat exchanger composed of heat pipes has heat transfer efficiency It has the advantages of high height, compact structure and small fluid resistance loss. Due to its special heat transfer characteristics, the tube wall temperature can be controlled to avoid dew point corrosion.


Liquid cooling is the use of liquid to force the circulation of the radiator to take away the heat of the radiator driven by the pump. Compared with air cooling, it has the advantages of quietness, stable cooling and less dependence on the environment. However, the price of heat pipes and liquid cooling is relatively high, and the installation is relatively troublesome.


The above is an explanation of the issues related to the number of liquid cooling plate. You can choose according to your needs and economic conditions. If there is more you want to know, please come to consult!