How the liquid cooling plate works

August 29, 2022

Latest company news about How the liquid cooling plate works

A set of water cooling system must have the following components: liquid cooling plate, circulating fluid, water pump, pipeline and water tank or heat exchanger. The specific working principle is as follows:

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1. The liquid cooling plate is a metal block with a water channel inside, made of copper or aluminum, which is in contact with the CPU and will absorb the heat of the CPU.

2. The circulating fluid can absorb a lot of heat and keep the temperature unchanged.

3. The function of the water pump is to push the circulating fluid to flow, the fluid that absorbs the heat of the CPU will flow out from the liquid cooling plate on the CPU, and the new low-temperature circulating fluid will continue to absorb the heat of the CPU.

4. The water pipe is connected to the water pump, the water cooling block and the water tank, and its function is to allow the circulating fluid to circulate in a closed channel without leakage.

5. The water tank is used to store the circulating fluid. The circulating fluid that returns here releases the heat of the CPU, and the low-temperature circulating fluid flows back into the pipeline. If the heating power of the CPU is small, the large-capacity circulating fluid stored in the water tank can be used to ensure The circulating fluid temperature will not increase significantly.