How do heat pipes work

August 30, 2022

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In physics, there are three ways of heat transfer, namely radiation, convection and conduction. And heat conduction is the fastest way of heat transfer. The heat pipe is the use of the principle of heat conduction, the property of rapid heat transfer with the medium with temperature difference, and the heat of the object is transferred to the other end through the heat pipe. In addition to high heat transfer, heat pipes have the characteristics of good temperature uniformity, variable heat flux density and good constant temperature.


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As we all know, a heat pipe is a heat transfer element with high thermal conductivity. Its structure is composed of a tube shell, a liquid wick and a working medium. It is divided into three parts: evaporation section, adiabatic section and condensation section. During operation, the heat pipe transfers heat through the evaporation and condensation of the working medium in the fully enclosed shell. The heat transfer efficiency is high and the speed is fast.


As a heat transfer element, heat pipes can be used alone or in combination. In practical applications, the commonly used heat pipe heat exchanger is not a single heat pipe, but a heat pipe heat exchanger composed of heat pipes. This heat pipe heat exchanger has high heat transfer efficiency, compact structure, and is conducive to controlling dew point corrosion. In the waste heat recovery and reuse work, the economic benefits it has played are very significant, and specific figures can be obtained through relevant data, and the effect can be seen.


Its working principle is not complicated. When the evaporation end of the heat pipe is heated, the working medium absorbs heat and converts it into steam. The steam transfers heat to the condensation section, releases heat in the condensation section, and condenses into liquid, and the liquid returns to the evaporation section. , so the heat is transferred back and forth. The principle is essentially the process of the evaporation of the working fluid to absorb heat and the condensation to release heat.


With the development of technology, the research and applicable fields of heat pipes are becoming more and more extensive, and their uses are becoming more and more diverse.


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At present, heat pipes and heat pipe heat exchangers have been used in chemical industry, hospitals, mines, shopping malls, airports and other fields. The heat pipe heat exchanger can be designed and manufactured according to the site area, the process conditions of the original equipment and other on-site conditions. Without affecting the original equipment process, the waste heat is recycled and reused to save energy and reduce consumption for the enterprise factory..