Are more radiator heat pipes the better?

August 30, 2022

Latest company news about Are more radiator heat pipes the better?

Many players pursue high performance and high cost performance. For these players, building a computer by themselves is the best way to build a platform. In addition to high-performance CPU and graphics card, the performance of the radiator is also related to the stable operation of the whole machine, so a suitable radiator is also essential.


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No one can make mistakes in the installation of the radiator, but we still need to pay attention when choosing and using it. Some of these misunderstandings may affect the performance of the radiator, thereby reducing the performance of the whole machine, and players need to avoid it.


Pay attention to the choice of radiator


In addition to the misleading propaganda of some merchants, there are also some misunderstandings caused by players taking it for granted when installing, so how to avoid the "disadvantage" of the radiator, so that the whole machine can play a better strength, let's interpret the choice of radiator for you. Five mistakes in time.


Many players think that the water-cooled radiator is better than the air-cooled radiator, which is mostly affected by the price of the radiator, because the price of the water-cooled is generally higher than the price of most air-cooled, thus causing the inherent impression of many players.


The water cooling radiator has a higher positioning


In terms of positioning, the water-cooled radiator is higher than the air-cooled, so it is meaningless to compare the water-cooled and air-cooled with the same entry-level or the same high-end level, and the water-cooled radiator uses more materials, and more needs to be done. A good sealing design has a greater investment in cost, so the huge price difference will also affect the user's choice of radiator.


For ordinary users, the air-cooled radiator can meet the needs


As for the air-cooled and liquid cooling plate radiators of the same price, there is generally not much difference in heat dissipation performance. If it is a lower price, the water cooling will not have a strong performance, while the high-priced air cooling will have Better design and materials provide efficient heat dissipation, so it won't be beaten by water-cooled radiators at the same price.


liquid cooling plate radiators can create a more personalized effect


In fact, for users, if the requirements for heat dissipation are not particularly high, or the budget on the radiator is not large, you can choose an air-cooled radiator. If you pursue a more powerful heat dissipation effect, or like the use of water cooling, A sufficient budget, a liquid cooling plate radiator is a good choice.


Some friends will pay attention to the number of heat pipes when choosing a radiator. Generally, entry-level radiators have only two heat pipes, while mainstream radiators have four heat pipes. High-end radiators may have more heat pipes to provide better heat dissipation. , but simply saying that the more heat pipes the better, is one-sided.


Wider base for multi-pipe radiators


Under normal circumstances, the radiator with more heat pipes can conduct the heat of the CPU to the cooling fins in a timely manner, so it has a better heat dissipation foundation, but it should be noted that the heat pipes of the radiator are not the same size, there are 6 mm Heat pipes also have 8 mm heat pipes. The thermal conductivity of heat pipes with different diameters is very different, so the number of heat pipes cannot be generalized.


8mm heat pipe for better heat dissipation


In addition, the welding process and grinding process of the heat pipe will also affect the heat dissipation performance to a certain extent. A radiator that simply pursues the number of heat pipes and ignores other factors cannot take advantage of multiple heat pipes.


The welding and grinding process of the heat pipe also affects the heat dissipation performance


If there are too many heat pipes and the surface of the CPU is not very large, some of the heat pipes will not be able to touch the surface of the CPU, so there will be a part of waste at the edge of the multi-heat pipes, and it is not worthwhile to spend more price on it.


The CPU radiator relies on the contact between the base and the top surface of the CPU to dissipate heat, and the thermal conductivity of the contact surface directly affects the heat dissipation performance of the radiator. That is to say, if the base design of the radiator is unreasonable, it will be difficult for the fins and fans on the base to exert their full effect.


Mirror finish makes the bottom of the radiator flatter


Here we talk about the bottom design of the radiator. Some products use a mirror design to make the entire base look very flat and have better contact with the CPU. However, it should be noted that the surface of the CPU is not a mirror surface, which means that the two still need to use thermal grease to dissipate heat.


The heat pipe directly touches the radiator and can directly touch the CPU


The radiator that the heat pipe directly contacts (the heat pipe directly touches) directly attaches the heat pipe to the surface of the CPU. However, due to different processes, it is difficult to make the contact surface of the radiator flat, so the thermal conductivity of the contact surface will be affected, and silicone grease must be applied. Provides better cooling performance.


Compared with the direct contact of the heat pipe, due to the nickel-plated treatment, the mirror-designed radiator will increase the process of heat conduction to the nickel-plated surface and then to the heat pipe when conducting heat, so the heat dissipation effect is not necessarily better.


Thermal grease is required between the heatsink and the CPU


Of course, for CPUs that are not particularly powerful, the base designs of the two radiators will not be much different, and users do not need to be superstitious about the mirror finish.


We all know that when installing the heatsink, it is necessary to make the heatsink and the CPU fit tightly to achieve better thermal conductivity, so some players think that the tighter the heatsink is installed, the better, and tighten all the screws that can be screwed when installing the heatsink Very tight, in fact, doing so is also a misunderstanding when choosing a radiator.


Heatsink and CPU fit tightly


The close fit of the heat sink and the CPU can thin the thermal grease, reduce the thermal resistance between the two, and provide better heat dissipation performance, but the tightness of the installation is also limited, and exceeding this limit will damage the hardware. Mainly damage to the motherboard.


Some radiator users can adjust the mounting tightness themselves


Some radiators are fixed on the motherboard, and the motherboard has limited elasticity. Once the radiator is installed too tightly, it will press the motherboard, causing it to deform and cause irreversible damage. In addition, the weight of the radiator is relatively large, if the motherboard is not screwed with all the screws when the machine is installed, it will be more affected.


Be careful not to install the radiator too tightly


So how tight should the radiator be installed? Under normal circumstances, the snap-connected radiator can be buckled, and the radiator fastened with screws can have a large resistance when screwing the screws. After installation, the radiator will not shake or rotate, and the motherboard is not deformed. The basis for judging the reasonable installation of the radiator.


Many players install fans on the chassis when the air cooling effect is poor. The final result is that the heat dissipation is not improved much, but the noise increases a lot. Therefore, fans should not be added arbitrarily. Even in a case that has been designed with air ducts, the performance gain obtained by adding some fan positions is negligible.


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Multi-fan installation provides better cooling and visual effects


Some players will install fans on all fan positions when installing fans. On the one hand, it has better visual effects and on the other hand, it can also enhance air circulation. However, when installing fans, pay attention to the wind direction between different fans. Coordinate Reasonable, do not conflict with each other and affect the thermal performance.


Many cases provide fan seats on the front panel and top. Players need to adjust the internal fan layout to drive the air circulation inside the case. It should be noted that some cases have no openings on the front panel or top, and it is difficult to install fans at this time. Play its due role, and the fan should also dissipate heat for the graphics card and hard disk in time.


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Reasonable combination of radiator and fan has better effect


In fact, when choosing computer hardware, you must have a certain understanding. When you encounter problems, you can make good use of search engines to solve many problems. Some details that are not easy to find can also be discussed with other players. You can't just take it for granted. Some exaggerated publicity or false information made to consumers in the competition also need to be avoided, and more homework can be done to better enjoy the fun of DIY.