• 1k ohm PTC Thermistor
1k ohm PTC Thermistor

1k ohm PTC Thermistor

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Place of Origin: Dongguan,Guangdong,China
Brand Name: UCHI
Certification: UL,SGS,ROHS
Model Number: MZ11A11D75C1100RM1000V

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Minimum Order Quantity: 5000PCS
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Bulk
Delivery Time: 7 working days
Payment Terms: T/T,Paypal,Western Union,Money gram
Supply Ability: 600,000,000PCS Per Month
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temperature sensor thermistor


positive temperature coefficient thermistor

Product Description

1k ohm PTC Thermistor


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Compliant with ITU-T K20 K21 K45 

--Basic level lightning surges (10/700μs)
--Basic level power Induction (600V,1A,0.2S)
--Power contact criteria A/B (230V,15min.)
Suitable for continuous connection to main voltage 110/230 VAC in tripped (high ohmic) condition.
Round leadless disk thermistor availble for combined usage of PTC and primary protection, e.g gas arrestor.
Typical Resistance @25C (R25) 10 ohm, 12 ohm, 18 ohm, 20 ohm, 25 ohm, 50 ohm, 55 ohm.
Matching available with narrow resistance tolerance.
Tight resistance tolerance maintained after switching.
Negligible resistance drift after soldering or switching.





This series of ceramic PTC (positive temperature coefficient ) thermistors help provide protection against power cross, power induction surges and lighting surge defined in ITU, Telcordia, UL. Available in chip, radial-leaded coated and non-coated, SMD, twin vertical surface mount configuration. PTC thermistor overcurrent protector provides reversible, self-resetting protection against over-currents of telecommunication line protector units, improve the reliability of custom premises and network equipment.
Ceramic PTC thermistors can be found providing re-settable line protection at the exchange, monitoring hot spots and protecting ringers, battery feeds, transformers and relay circuits. Also used extensively to protect the mobile phone's battery pack against overcharging in land-based and radio mobile communications.

Advanced developments in telecom equipment in recent years have radically altered the protection requirements of both exchange and subscriber equipment. The PTC thermistor must protect the telephone line circuit against overcurrent, which may be caused by the following examples:
Surges due to lighting strikes on or near to the line plant.
Short-term induction of alternating voltage from adjactent power lines or railway systems, usually caused when these lines or systems develop faults
Direct contact between telephone lines and power lines.
To provide good protection under such conditions, a PTC thermistor is connected in series with each line, usually as secondary protection; However, even with primary line protection (usually a gas discharge tube), the PTC thermistor must fulfill severe requirements.
Surge pulses of upto 2KV can occur and in order to withstand short term power induction, the PTC thermistor must withstand high voltages. If the line has primary protection, a 220V to 300V PTC thermistor is adequate. Without primary protection, 600V PTC device is necessary. We can manufacture a series of PTC thermistor fulfilling both requirements.



It's applicable to various types of fluorescent lamp, electronic ballast and electronic energy-saving lamp. The PTC can be connected across the lamp resonator without changing the circuits. It can change hard start of the ballast and electronic energy-saving lamp to preheated start and the preheating time of the filament can come up to 0.4-2 seconds, which will extend the service life of the fluorescent tube by over 4 times.



1,Symbol for the products

1-1,Symbol for the products





Company    symbols

 MZ11          Type Number

2,Specifications of Appearance


1k ohm PTC Thermistor 0 


2-1,Dimensions (mm)



Technical Requirements



Diameter of Resistance




□Axis Formed 




Thickness of Resistance



Length of fuse



Distance between fuses



Diameter of fuse


2-2. Coating




□No coating      


PF resin






3,Electric Performance



Technical Requirements

Test Conditions


Resistant for Zero

Rated Power


Atmosphere Temperature:25±2℃

Accuracy of the Test:±0.5%


Over Voltage





Starting Current:≥200mA, Starting Voltage:220VAC,hold on for 7s,and then change to high voltage800VAC,for 6s.the is shown as follows: Stay under the conditions of regular temperature and humidity for 4-5 hours, and then check the Rn again.


Over Current






Starting Current:≥600mA,Voltage 220VAC, switch on the circuit for 1 minute after every 5minutes, switch-off, and repeat this operation for 20 times. Put it under the conditions of regular temperature and humidity for 4-5 hours and then check the Rn again


Curie Temperature


Check  the temperature at 2 times Rn.


4,Other Performance



Technical  Requirements

Test Conditions



No noticeable defect,

such as, bubbles and

micro holes, etc; NO

visible  damage that

may reduce its performance; the symbol is clear

Visual Check



It's tinned evenly

 and with smooth welds,

and the tinned area


Do the test according GB2423-28 of Ta, put welding aid on the  faze end and soaked it into the 230℃ tin solution with  only  5mm distance to the PTC body above the solution, and maintain for 3-5s.


Heat Resistance

Check the variation

rate of resistance

before and after the



Do the test according to GB2423-28 of Tb stsy under the regular temperature and humidity for 4-5 hours, and then check the Rn again.Dipping terminals to a depth of 15mm in a soldering bath of 255℃±10℃,and to the place of 6mm far from PTC boby for 3±0.5s


Intensity at Fuse end

Check the variation

rate of resistance

before and after the



No break out

Do the test according to GB2423-29 of U

Test Ua: Fasten the body and apply a force gradually to each lead until 10N and then keep for 10sec.hold the body and apply a force to each lead until 90° slowly at 5N in the direction of lead axis and then keey for 10sec,and do this in the opposite direction repeat for other terminal.



5.0 Part Numbering



MZ  6    B    06D     120C  47R   N   265V

①   ②   ③    ④        ⑤      ⑥     ⑦     


①    MZ—PTC Thermistors

②    Symbol for the products: 6—6mm; 8—≥8mm

③     The product applies scope:  A—Prepare a hot start,B—Conduct electricity to flow a protection ,C—Temperature sensor

④    Diameter(mm): 08D—8mm

⑤    Curie Temp(℃): 120C—120℃

⑥    Resistant for Zero Rated Power(Ω):47R—47Ω;4R7—4.7Ω

⑦    Tolerance of Rn: K±10%; M±20%; N±30%

⑧    Max. operating voltage(V):Vmax— 265V

             Over Voltage withstanding(V):265V





















6.0              R-T Curve


1k ohm PTC Thermistor 1


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  1. Factory supply directly

  2. Completed certificates such as UL,VDE,SGS,etc and high quality available

  3.  Quick delivery

  4. Best after-sales services

  5. OEM & ODM available


1k ohm PTC Thermistor 2



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