Silver Electrode MF58 NTC Thermistor Chip 3950K CQC Approved

Silver Electrode MF58 NTC Thermistor Chip 3950K CQC Approved

Product Details:

Place of Origin: Dongguan,Guangdong,China
Certification: ROHS,UL, CUL,CQC,AEC-Q200,ISO9001 2015,ISO14001:2015
Model Number: MF58 104H3950

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 10000pcs
Price: 0.077~0.1 USD Per Pieces
Packaging Details: Tape in reel,around 2500pcs per reel
Delivery Time: 10 Days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 5000,000,000 Pieces Per Month
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Detail Information

Name: NTC Thermistor Chip Size: 0.5x0.3mm
Resistance At 25C: 100KOhm Tolerance (%): ±3%
B Value 25/50℃: 3950K±1% Electrode Material: Silver Electrode
Welding Method: Binding Package: Blue Film
Operating Temp: -40~+125C Thermal Time Constant: <1 Sec
Dissipation Coefficient: 0.2mW/℃ Application: Infrared Forehead Thermometer Thermopile Sensor
High Light:

MF58 NTC Thermistor Chip


NTC Thermistor Chip 3950K


CQC NTC Thermistor Chip

Product Description


Silver Electrode NTC Thermistor Chip MF58 100KOhm 3950 For Infrared Forehead Thermometer Thermopile Sensor


Silver Electrode MF58 NTC Thermistor Chip 3950K CQC Approved 0



1. Application


Infrared Forehead Thermometer Thermopile Sensor


Main part number :




Silver Electrode MF58 NTC Thermistor Chip 3950K CQC Approved 1Silver Electrode MF58 NTC Thermistor Chip 3950K CQC Approved 2



2. Part Numbering


MF 58 chip    1 0 4   H     3 9 5 0        A      B      M
      ①               ②     ③      ④        ⑤     ⑥    ⑦     ⑧


① Type :MF58 NTC thermistor chip

② R25: 10× 104Ω 

③ Tolerance(%): ±3%
④ B value: 3950K 

⑤ Measuring Temp.: 25/50℃

⑥ Electrode material: Silver electrode
⑦ Welding method:Binding

⑧ Package:Blue film



3. Size (mm)


Silver Electrode MF58 NTC Thermistor Chip 3950K CQC Approved 3


4. Electricity


NO. Item Code Test Conditions Range Unit
1 Resistance at 25 ℃ R25 T=25±0.01℃ 100±3%
2 B value B25/50   3950±1% K
3 Thermal time constant τ 50℃→25℃, in oil ≤1.0 Sec
4 Dissipation coefficient δ Ta=25±0.5℃ ~0.2 mW/℃
5 Max rated power Pmax Ta=25±0.5℃ ≤10 mW
6 Operating temp / / -40~+125


a. Resistance (R25)
Test method: It is measured in a high precision oil tank with constant temperature of
25℃±0.01℃ and applies a high-precision resistance measuring instrument. The instrument’s
measuring power should be zero power.(In other words, the chip self-heating generated by the
current flowing through the product is negligible)


b.B value
Test method:Measure resistance in a high precision oil tank with constant temperature of
25℃±0.01℃ and 50±0.01℃. Then calculate B value according to the following


c.Thermal time constant(τ)
Requirements:T1=50-(50-25)*63.2%=34.2℃, τmax = 1.0 S (in oil).
Test method:Calculate the time required for the product's resistance at 50℃ rapidly converted to
corresponding resistance at 34.2℃ in the oil tank.


d.Dissipation coefficient(δ)
Test method : (The product under test is connected to the following circuit in still air at
25±0.5℃ )

Silver Electrode MF58 NTC Thermistor Chip 3950K CQC Approved 4

e.Max rated power(Pmax) Rated power:Ta=25±0.5℃, Pmax=10mW.

f.Max rated power(Pmax) Rated power:Ta=25±0.5℃, Pmax=10mW.





5.1 Quality Management System:ISO9001:2015 IATF16949:2016
5.2 Environment Management System:ISO14001:2015
5.3 Intellectual Property Management System:GB/T29490-2013
5.4 Integrated Information Technology and Industrialization Management System:AITTRE-00920111MS0088301
5.5 CQC:CQC09001033986
5.6 SafetyApproval:UL, C-UL:E240991
5.710,000 durability test ofUL
5.8 AEC-Q200:20172052558G
5.9 Environmental test report:RoHS




6.1 Blue film packaging
The blue film was put into the wafer expanding machine and smoothly inlaid on the wafer expanding
ring, and then the NTC chips was tidily arranged on the blue film by the sticking membrane.
Quantity of each layer: about 2.5KPcs/Disk, center distance ≈0.6mm.

6.2 Packed in paper box, each box has 10 layers, 3 boxes for small carton and 6 boxes for large carton.

Silver Electrode MF58 NTC Thermistor Chip 3950K CQC Approved 5



7.Mode of transport and storage


7.1 In the process of storage and transportation, the height of each stack shall not exceed 4 boxes, and the chip must be stored in vacuum and anti-oxidation packaging.
7.2 Select the packing box according to the shipment quantity, any method of transportation is allowed;However,it is necessary to avoid contamination, the direct or indirect pouring of rain or snow and mechanical damages during transportation.
7.3 Products shall be stored in an environment free from acidic or alkaline substances, corrosive gases or radiation sources, and shall be avoided in an environment with light.
7.4 Storage temperature: -10℃~ +40℃.
7.5 Relative humidity: ≤55%RH.
7.6 Stored in an inert gas.



8.Storage life

8.1 Under the guarantee of complete sealing package and the above storage conditions, the chips in bulk can be kept for 1 year in vacuum sealing package, and the chips with blue film can be kept for 6 months in the vacuum sealing package, otherwise the chip electrode will oxidize.(Storage in an inert gas is recommended)
8.2 After opening the film, please use the product within 24 hours under normal temperature and normal humidity indoor. If not, please keep the product according to the storage method.
8.43 The shelf life of the packaging material (blue film) is 3 months, the viscosity of the blue film is easy to increase for a long-time storage, leading to difficulties in wafer taking and adhesion.



9.Service life

The service life of this thermistor chip is 10 years, subject to the conditions of this approval sheet.





In the process of preventing and controlling the new coronavirus epidemic, medical products such as ventilators, monitors, oxygen generators, negative pressure ambulances, and forehead guns have played a significant role. The non-contact temperature measurement method of the forehead gun can avoid contact cross infection and play a convenient and quick role in preventing and controlling the epidemic of the general public.

Forehead guns and ear thermometers use thermopile probe infrared thermometers to measure the radiant energy emitted by an object. According to Boltzmann's law (E = σεTⁿ), the greater the radiant energy, the higher the temperature After transforming the infrared radiation signal into an electrical signal, it can be finally converted into the temperature value of the measured target after being corrected by an amplifier and a signal processing circuit and corrected according to a certain algorithm and target emissivity.

The main device for temperature measurement is the thermopile. A thermopile infrared probe is a temperature sensor consisting of a series of thermocouples connected in series. The two ends of a thermocouple are composed of two different materials. When one end contacts the hot end and the other end contacts the cold end, a potential difference will occur between the two different materials due to the see-beck effect. The magnitude of the potential difference is between the two different materials. The temperature difference is related. A thermopile sensor connects a series of thermocouples in series to increase the detection sensitivity of the sensor.

In order to be able to calculate correctly at different ambient temperatures, a high-precision NTC thermistor is used to measure the ambient temperature of the thermopile. According to some standard temperature conditions written in advance, for example: the temperature of the measured object is 37 ° C, The output temperature of the thermopile is 25 ℃, and the measured temperature is calculated by the output voltage of the thermopile and the absolute temperature of the environment of the thermopile. MF58 temperature-measuring NTC thermistor 100KΩ3950 is a commonly used specification. There are also use schemes in which chips of this type are directly used and combined with thermopile using a bonding packaging process.

Our MF58 temperature-measuring NTC thermistor series products have good stability and high reliability; a wide range of resistance values ​​and high precision; small size, light weight, rugged structure, and convenient for automatic installation; fast thermal induction, sensitivity Higher characteristics. MF58 products are widely used in home appliances, office automation equipment temperature detection or temperature compensation, mobile phone batteries, battery packs, instrument coils, integrated circuits, quartz crystal oscillations and thermocouples / thermopiles. The MF58 product produced by UCHI has obtained CQC mark certification, UL, C-UL safety certification, passed the most severe 100,000 durability tests in the UL standard, and passed AEC-Q200 testing, which is unique in China. Reliable performance and superior quality can be trusted.

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